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Story as a Chess Game

Sure, Sorry and Monopoly are fun, but your story conflict shouldn’t progress like that. It should look more like a chess game.

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Review – Anatomy of a Premise Line

Having a solid premise nailed down prior to starting your script can be the difference between a compelling story and a pointless muddle. Anatomy of a Premise Line by Jeff Lyons provides one of the best hammers for the job I’ve found.

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Review – That’s Not the Way It Works

Want to know what the real world of screenwriting looks like? The daily nuts-and-bolts of writing, representation, sales, and all the rest? Read Bob’s book.

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Resolved, or concluded?

Should you resolve your story or conclude it? Which you choose can make a difference in how you view your story.

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Going through the Motions

A story needs cause-and-effect movement, not just scenes following scenes. Here are some ways to visualize your story to help you create that.

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Review – The Blue Books

Bill Martell’s Blue Book series is a screenwriting curriculum in a (Amazon) box. And it won’t cost you a student loan to get it.

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Eye Beams and Einstein

Structure and formula aren’t the same, and confusing them is a straight line to a derivative story.

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The Common Denominator

Most of the greatest films ever made have this thing in common. Recognizing it can help you ensure your own stories stand out from the rest.